Calvary Day School

 Savannah Arts Academy 2019 - 20



The sun is hot. So, so hot. The sand is coarse on my skin and it burns me but I cannot move. My family calls for me but I cannot answer. I am tired. So tired. My belly is full but I am still hungry. My skin is pricked by things from this place. The place of the flat-flipper creatures who move without water and breathe without air. The invaders. The conquerors. Once these words meant nothing to me. But I am old now and have learned them the hard way. So have all my kin and creatures like us. I am tired now. So tired. I feel so heavy. So weak. I think I shall rest now. Yes. Rest. I hear the flat-flipper creatures now. They tell and sing loud words. Words I do not know. They touch me. Move me. They push me back to the water. But I close my eyes and listen. My family calls me. They sing. I am so tired now. I sleep now. I rest.  


Whale ceramic and found object sculpture and poem By Mary Sanders 12th Theater Major in Mrs. Chapman’s Sculpture Class

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