Richmond Hill Middle School 2014-15

Dylan Moore:
The Endangered Blue Shiner

I made this piece of artwork titled “The Endangered Blue Shiner.” I made this to help protect the environment and the Blue Shiner fish.  The fish is endangered because of waste from litter,factories, and other sources. I used beads, craft feathers, a plastic cup, paper clips, sandpaper,and colored paper. My fish is shown trapped in the garbage, tangled in fishing line, and surrounded by plastic bags. We need to clean up the world and help the Blue Shiner and other


Grace Rivera-Flecha:
Save Our Turtles

I did this project because I wanted to represent endangered turtles like sea turtles. Sea turtles are endangered because of oil spills from ships and boats, littering at beaches, and more deadly things.  For my project, I did a cute sea turtle and wrote down “Save Our Turtles” for we can help them out. We can rescue them and get them off the endangered list.

Lindsey Knussman:
The Caged Turtle

My climate art is a leatherback turtle. I chose to have the turtle white because I wanted it to represent purity and the sequins represent the beauty of the turtle. The blue and green lines are the effects of what pollution does to turtles. The bottle rings around the turtle portray the turtle being trapped in the mess of rings. I picked the fabric for the background to delineate the ocean water. I also chose a button for the eye to show the fragility of turtles.


Maggie Hamilton:
The Wood Stork

I decided to choose the wood stork as my climate art endangered species, because it was an interesting bird to create as an art project. The feathers are meant to help it look and feel real like a real bird may feel.  The wood stork is meant to be looking over the water that is now polluted from human-generated trash.  The wood stork’s beak is a wooden clothes pin painted for a more realistic look.  The wood stork is highly endangered in Georgia due to habitat loss and wetlands have been drying up.  I want people to be aware of the damage that they are causing to the animals’ habitats.   The wood stork has been moving off of endangered list due to people’s efforts to preserve the birds’ habitat.  Conservation groups, private land owners, and others are helping to restore the vital habitat of the wood stork.  Would you help restore the environment for the wood stork?


Valya Rybin:
The Loggerhead Turtle

I chose this turtle because I love turtles and hate to see them extinct. I chose these materials because that’s what I usually see on the beach, and I want people to be more careful with trash. I made this project so people would be more careful around turtle eggs and not pollute the ocean.


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