Students in Eva Chovancová’s Art Group 

Eva Chovancová:


The Business Academy and Language School is located in Písek, South Bohemia, the Czech Republic. It has a business based curriculum and students participate in classes such as

economics,touch­ typing, accountancy, mathematics, business correspondence and law.


The language focused classes are centered around two important languages, English and

German.Students are regularly able to participate in a number of competitions to give the chance

to demonstrate their acquired business skills.They create and run their own fictional businesses

amongst the schools.


The school also allows for improvement in languages.Students are able to take certified language

tests and participate in week long exchanges to England and Germany to practice with native



Within the town of Písek, the school is located a short walk from the town centre. Písek is a town that can be found in Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It is situated between two major cities­ Prague and Budweis. Living there are approximately 30000 citizens.

Písek is an old and historic town that contains many historical monuments. The most well known monument is the Písek stone bridge. It is the oldest stone bridge in Central Europe. Písek was once a King's city but is regarded as a studets ́city due to the number of schools namely high schools.Some of these schools include an economics school, medical school,agriculture school, forestry school, vocational school and so on. Písek is also home to some beautiful natural scenery. The Otava river flows right through the town and on the outskirts of town the Písek mountains stand tall covered by a vast forest.

Tereza Bezkočková:


I have decided to paint a scene from Africa in reaction to extreme heat conditions which we experienced in Bohemia last summer. It was something completely unusual for us but in Africa people have to and are able to live in such weather conditios.


Painting – tempera - Size 70 x 50

Eliska H. & Eliska P:
Global Warming


Our picture depicts an effect of constantly rising temperatures on our planet. Due to global warming there are uncontrolled disasters, such as fires, melting glaciers, floods.


Painting - tempera - Size 120 x 90

Pavel Tůma:
Waste in the World


There are too many people on our planet.Every day millions of things are thrown away. The waste is either used environmentally or chemically burned but using this way we destroy the atmosphere and thereby we destroy our planet.

Man's biggest enemy is man himself. We ourselves destroy our home. And with what? It is our laziness, disregard and also we are negligent. Some people try to recycle abd thereby

protect our planet­ but it is still not enough. Let's join those people and try to protect what is precious to us.Our home.




Photography - Size 21 x 29 

Anna Říhová:
Two Elements


Fire is a natural element that is mostly used by man for a good purpose. Fire is an aid to people but on the other hand can also be dangerous. It can cause a lot of damage as extensive fires which are due to draught or human carelessnes.


Water is a natural element that is essential for our life.Water is not only useful but can be dangerous. Water especially in the form of floodings and tsunamis can cause a lot of damage.


Painting - tempera - Size 30 x 60

Karolína Fuková:
Underwater World


According to meteorologists the droughts in 2015 in the Czech Republic have been the worst since 2003. Streams, rivers,water tanks, dams were hit hard. A good examle is Orlík dam in our region where the water surface dropped by 10 meters. The drop uncovered mills, houses, bunkers and weirs that were once flooded. Also other treasures hidden for decades under water were revealed once again.


Size 42 x 29


Painting - Tempera - Size 42 x 29

Karolína Soukupová:
The Volcano


Some 20 or 30 million years ago, during the Terciary era, a part of the surface of our republic (mountains like Říp, Bezděz, Milešovka) resembled countries with the most volcanic activity­ like Iceland, countries of South America, Indonesia and Hawaii.In those countries there is still volcanic activity, in some cases even stronger than before. In our country most volcanos are dormant.However in a few cases we can watch the aftermaths of their activities up to the Quaternary era which presents almost the geological present. We are sure that volcanos in our country cannot become active again and cause irrecoverable damage.


Sculpture - Paper, Glue, Color - Size 50 x 50 x 30

Patrik Sláma:
Life is Melting Like Ice


People, through their actions, destroy the natural environment whilst not realizing that they are demolishing animal communities. Icebergs are still melting and that is really bad news for our planet. In my opinion the biggest

mistake is the fact that the planet is overpopulated and that people live a consumer centered way of life.It brings a lot of rubbish and noxious fumes. That is the reason of global warming.It is not too late, there is still hope we can save our planet!!


Watercolor - Pencil - Size 21 x 29

Sabina Kyrianová:
Global Warming


I have chosen this topic because it concerns the whole world and our life in the future. At present in our country we wrestle with high temperatures during summer. In this period of the year our lakes, dams and rivers dehydrate and their levels decline. In some cases it is certain that they won't reach their original level.There is a prognosis that generally Czech winters will be warmer, less snow, especially in the mountains.


Thanks to warming summers more tropical days and nights are prevalent. Agriculture, labor productivity and people's ́health will be all affected by these temperatures. Even worse are tropical nights which hit residents of bigger towns where it is not able to air condition the building. It represents a serious problem especially for sick and elderly people.


Drawing - Size 42 x 29

Anna Říhová. Eliška Heroutová a Eliška Potůčková. Karolína Fuková. Karolína Soukupová. Patrik Sláma. Pavel Tůma. Sabina Kyrianová. Tereza Bezkočková. Eva Chovancová:
                         Obchodní Akademie 2015-1602/20/2016

Hello, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a group of nine students from Písek Business Academy. In spite of the fact that we attend a school of business, we love art. That is why it is a pleasure for us to take part in this project. 


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