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May Howard 2019 - 20

Jayden Victoria Skylar- Washed Away.jpg
Jayden Victoria Skylar- Washed Away2.jpg

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Artwork Title: Washed Away

Our artwork is about how the sea levels are rising at Ft. Pulaski and on our Georgia coast due to global warming and climate change. We painted a fox, a bobcat, and a deer because those are animals that are native to the area where Ft. Pulaski sits. We painted waves washing the animals away to express the impact of the rising sea levels and how it affects the animals that call Ft. Pulaski home. In the future, the rising sea levels could eventually flood the area where these animals and more live and this would be very sad. Throughout artwork, we hope to raise awareness about the issue of global warming, climate change, pollution, and rising sea levels.

Alan Olivia Minghan- Storming Ft. Pulask
Alan Olivia Minghan- Storming Ft. Pulask

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Artwork Title: Storming Ft. Pulaski

Our artwork is about the storms that impact Ft. Pulaski. Over the past few years, Ft. Pulaski has been impacted by 2 hurricanes and a tornado. These natural disasters caused a lot of damage to the fort and the surrounding areas. The storms took out trees, damaged the property and the structure itself, and flooded the area that surrounds the fort. Because of the damage, the fort was even closed for an extended period of time. Through our artwork, we hope to teach other people how storms and natural disasters can impact our national monuments.

Rosalie Ethan Juwon- Devastating Disaste
Rosalie Ethan Juwon- Devastating Disaste

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Artwork Title: Devastating Disaster of the Polar Bear

Our artwork is about the devastation of the polar bears. For this project, we learned about Ft. Pulaski and how it has changed throughout the years due to global warming, human impact, and environmental impact. After learning about all this, we began discussing other places on earth that have been affected by these same things. We talked about the polar bears and how their population has dramatically decreased over recent years. Due to global warming, the ice caps are melting at rapid rates and this is destroying the polar bear habitats. It also affects the polar bears capability to hunt and eat. We painted the ship in the background to show the impact that humans have on the environment. We hope that throughout painting, people will learn about climate change and how the things we do affect the polar bears. It would be a very sad world without any polar bears.

Grady Alana Emily Henry- The Impacts of
Grady Alana Emily Henry- The Impacts of




Artwork Title: The Impacts of Pollution

Our artwork is about pollution and how it affects the waters around us and the wildlife that live in the water. We live near Ft. Pulaski and the Cockspur Lighthouse and we see every day how polluted the waters are. People are always throwing litter out and that litter ends up in our rivers and oceans. This affects not only the animals that live in the water, but it also affects us as well. There are also factories that put out harmful fumes and gases into our air and water. Our goal through creating this artwork is to show people that polluting the air and water is not good for the environment and our world. We hope that through our artwork, people will be encouraged to stop polluting and to take care of the earth that we live on.

Cleland Uriel T.J.- Waters Rising Throug
Cleland Uriel T.J.- Waters Rising Throug

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Artwork Title: Waters Rising through Time

Our artwork is about how the sea levels are rising at Ft. Pulaski in Savannah, Georgia. In each picture of Ft. Pulaski, there is a different year beginning with the year 1862, when the Fort was built for the American Civil War. In the first picture (1862) you can see the fort, the flag, and trees that surrounded the fort. You can also see red and orange blasts from the cannons that were being fired off to protect the fort during battle. In the second picture, dated 1931, you can see that the sea levels have risen. There are more trees in the second picture because the fort had become a bit overgrown. In the present-day picture (2020) of Ft. Pulaski, the sea levels have again risen. There are less trees in this picture because of recent storms that have impacted the fort. In the final picture (2080), the fort is covered with water from the sea levels rising. In conclusion, the purpose of our artwork is to show how the fort has changed throughout the past 2 centuries due to changes in the environment and human impact.

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Jayden Victoria Skylar- Washed Away2
Jayden Victoria Skylar- Washed Away
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