Calvary Day School

Manuel Rodríguez School for the Disabled

"Students Protecting the Environment's" Art Group


Alfonso  Casanova Araya - Coordinator of the climate project in La  Serena, Chile

Karen Sorensen -Nörgaard - Teacher of art 

Elizabeth Lopez Harrison - Workshop teacher


MARTA YOSSELYN TRIGO CORREA. Colored pencil. Representation of the fires caused by the excessive heat and intense sunin January (the summer in Chile) 2015.  


ROCIO JAMILET Tapia Tejado. Colored pencil. Representation of the earthquake in La Serena, Chile in 2015.



Colored pencil. Representation of the devastating tsunami in Coquimbo and La Serena in 2015.


Painting (in acrilic ). Representation of a flowering tree full of life, biodioversity before mankind destroyed the environment.


Camila Saavedra Becker At Work in Her Studio

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