Calvary Day School

Glasco - Southern Cloud

Greetings from Glasco, Kansas! My name is Heather Smith, and I have the

unique honor and opportunity to teach all of the Glasco Southern Cloud Kindergarten 

through 12th grade art students.


We are a small, rural community of about 450 people in the middle of the United 

States of America. Our schools here in Glasco are part of a combined school district 

with another town of similar size called Miltonvale, which is located about 20 minutes 

east of us. For many, hearing of a community this size is a huge shock, but it is certainly 

not usual for our state. Kansas is sprinkled with many tiny towns and countless miles of 

farmland; in fact, many of the students who attend here come from other nearby towns 

that are even smaller than ours! Our district’s small class sizes foster a very tight-knit 

bond among our community members and students, and it has been wonderful getting 

to work with these kids the past three years that I have taught here. We are excited to 

have been asked to present our work, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the display!


My name is AJ, and I am 13 years old. My interests include farming, drawing, and animals. My wolf, which I have called “Howling in the Night”, is a colored pencil drawing that is 19” by 14 ½”. Climate change is affecting animals because the unusually warm weather is confusing the bears and other hibernating species, in addition to throwing off feeding and migrating patterns of other animals. When the animals come 

out of their hibernation early due to the climate change, they run the risk of starving, not finding enough water, and freezing to death.


My name is Ashton Cooper, and I am 14 years old. I am a 9th grader at Glasco 

High School. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and I am 5ft. 2in. tall. My hobbies are 

basketball, and I enjoy school.


My scratch art project is called “Dragon Fish.” It is 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall. If the water temperature changes just a little bit, certain species of fish will die out 

and go extinct. Due to the ocean getting warmer, ice bergs are melting and changing 

the amount of freshwater in the ocean. Since that is happening, fish will die because of 

the change of fresh water and temperature.


My name is Athina Liby, and I live in Glasco, Kansas. I have always lived in Glasco. I

am 13 years old, and I'm in the seventh grade. For fun, I like to do sports and hang out 

with friends.


The title of my piece is “Cheetah Cub”. It is 14” by 14”, and I made it by mixing different 

shades of color pencils. Using a grid, I made my picture as accurate as possible. The 

weather patterns in Kansas seem to be off, and that can affect the way animals 

hibernate. This also affects the way food grows because plants usually grow in spring, 

and we will have a week of spring-like weather in February, then two weeks of winter 

weather. The way this can effect animals is their hibernation can be all messed up. 

They could wake up mid-winter and freeze or starve to death. There would be no food 

for them to eat. Say it was spring when they woke up; they would go out to find food, 

and then if a huge snow storm hit, they could easily die or be lost or hours.


My name is Avery Wyatt. I am 13 years old and am 5 foot 2 inches tall. I have red hair and have blue eyes. I’m in 9th grade and am originally from Wichita, Kansas. Wichita is a lot different because it has a population of about 400,000 people, while Glasco has a population of less than 500 people. A couple of my hobbies are basketball, video games, and socializing.


My project’s name is “Gold & Silver” and made using two mediums: acrylic and foam. It is 7” x 2 ½’’ x 1 ½’’. This project is related to climate change because the unseasonably warm weather and drought in Kansas has caused erosion to happen. 

Erosion is an event caused by natural things such as: wind, water, drought, and sunlight. The main problem erosion presents in Kansas is that it destroys land that could be used as farmland. My sculpture projects the effect of erosion from wind. It has holes on it to seem like wind caused the openings.


My name is Blaine Krystopher Michaelson. I'm 14 years old and attend Glasco High School in Glasco, KS. I'm originally from Delphos, KS. I have lived in two different states, which are Montana and North Dakota. Some of my favorite hobbies are fishing, hunting, and football.


My piece is titled “Shark” which is 12” x 20” x 14”. It is made from paper maché and acrylic paint. The sharks’ habitat has been changing over time. For example, the climate changes have been raising the ocean temperature; therefore, the glaciers are melting slowly. Glaciers are frozen chunks of fresh water. What's going to happen is that the fresh water will pour into the saltwater and unbalance the ecosystem. Fresh water will kill off saltwater fish, like my shark.


My name is Blake Gumm, and I go to Glasco High School in Glasco, Kansas. I’m

15 years old, about 6’0, and I like to play basketball on a regular basis. I also play a little xbox once in a while, and I like to take time to learn about history.


I made a foam project called “Gold & Silver”. It is 4 ½’’ x 2 ½’’ x 3 ½’’. While erosion is a natural process, climate change is accelerating the rate at an alarming speed. Erosion is when soil flows or blows away in the wind to another place, tearing up the ground. Erosion has reached levels that will endanger humanity’s ability to feed itself, and will continue to do so unless humans take action to repair the environmental damage.


My name is Caden Ryan Williams. I am 15 years old, and I am a freshman at Glasco High School. Some of my hobbies include chess, playing basketball, and spending time with friends.


My piece is titled “Factory New” and is an 8” x 10” scratch art drawing. Some factories here in Kansas, mostly eastern and southern Kansas, pump fossil fuels into the air. These fumes burn up in the atmosphere and speed up global warming. Because of this increase of global warming, food chains, habitats, and even our weather is being dramatically changed or completely destroyed. One developing solution to the use of fossil fuels is fusion. Fusion is cleaner than nuclear fission because fusion produces little to no radioactive byproducts and generates 30 times as much energy that is used to sustain the fusion. Once we create a sustainable fusion, factories all over the world could use this energy to significantly reduce the fossil fuel pollution.


I’m Carson Bellows.  I’m 14 years old, and I live in Glasco, Ks. I am in the 9th grade at Glasco Southern Cloud High School. My hobbies include playing sports, video games, and hanging out with friends.


My metal tooling project about erosion is called “H in Motion.” It is a 5 Ľ by 5 inch project made of aluminum and India ink. The recent droughts in Kansas have an effect on erosion. The banks of creeks and rivers are now exposed because of the drought that has caused erosion to the soil. The lack of water also causes fish to die out. With the drought, crops can’t grow, and then the ground hardens, cracks, and erodes.


My name is Dakota Davis. I'm 15 years old and a freshman at Southern Cloud in Glasco Kansas. I'm really into photography, art, and history. I'm really glad we got to participate in this project.


My project I am submitting is a tree which I have called “Tree of Life.” My composition is made of copper and tempera paint and is 7” x 8”. Trees play a major part in our environment because without trees, many species of animals would have to inhabit different areas. Trees are being threatened due to drought and unpredictable weather conditions. Trees require a lot of water, so if trees aren't getting the water they need, they can't grow; they could die, causing many species to be homeless. My project represents this by the roots going into the ground searching for any water they can get and how the tree has no water due to the lack of leaves. Solutions to this climate problem include preserving water, reusing water, especially when droughts do not bring the rain where it is needed. You can also plant trees near bigger water sources to replace the trees in areas where they are struggling.


My name is Emily Stein, and I am 14 years old. Sometimes, I wear glasses; other 

times, I wear contacts. Boots are my go-to fashion accessory. I live in the country; 

however, I am technically from Miltonvale and go to school in Glasco. I often follow my 

dad around and help him on the farm. In my free time, I enjoy riding four-wheelers, 

swimming, and riding my horses.


My art piece is a paper maché project. I made a frog, and his name is Kermit. He is 

14 inches wide, 9 inches long, and 10 inches tall. We have been in a severe drought in 

Kansas that has caused water levels to drop across the state. Climate change has 

caused extremely hot weather and little rain to fall. A lot of frogs live in ponds, and when 

the ponds dry up, the frogs starve and have to find new places to live. Additionally, 

when frogs don't find a place to cool down, like in water, they dry out and die.


My name is Garrett, and I am 17 years old. I am a junior in high school, and I was born in Ottawa, KS. Then, my family moved to Delphos, KS in 2014. I like to hang out with friends and play football. I used to play football for school, but I got asthma and couldn’t play. When I have time, I also play fetch with my dog a lot, too. I am very interested in the military, and I plan on enlisting in the military when I turn 18.


My project “The Dying Flower” is an aluminum metal tooling flower affected by drought. It is 8” by 8”. I am addressing the drought problem in Kansas that kills the flowers, which, in turn, affects the bees that collect the pollen. Drought affects more than just flowers; it makes lakes dangerously shallow and farming nearly impossible. It kills millions of crops, flowers, and animals every year.


My name is Grace Parks, and I live in a small town in Kansas called Delphos. I have never moved to a different town, but have lived in four different houses in Delphos. In my free time, I enjoy doing sports, such as basketball. I am a very active person and also enjoy running in my free time.


The title of my project is “Futuristic Camera.” The dimensions are 4 ½’’x 3 ½’’ x 2 ½’’. It is made of foam and acrylic paint. This project has two different perspectives to it; both completely opposite. One meaning to my project is about drought. Many places 

around the world have suffered through droughts, including here in Kansas. During a drought, there is little to no rain, and this affects many things in the environment such as the soil. The soil gets very dry and starts to blow away. My project symbolizes the dirt 

blowing away in the wind, which aligns with how I carved foam to make my project. Another perspective is flooding. Too much rain can lead to flooding and erosion. Water can erode many things, such as rock. My project can also symbolize rocks and how they are eroded by environmental changes due to climate change.


My name is Jocelyn Buller. I am a 14 year old freshman at Glasco High School. I live in the small town of Delphos, Kansas (about 15 minutes from Glasco), which has a population of about 350 people. I enjoy playing volleyball and being outdoors.


My art piece, Rosy Wave, is a small 3 ½” x 2 ½” x 4 ¼” foam project that relates to erosion caused by climate change. It involves a lot of carvings and grooves in the foam that represent the erosion of the earth. The influence of erosion is easily seen because I used a different color for the "eroded" parts of the project. Erosion is caused by either lack of water or too much water in an area. Flooding causes erosion when the quickly moving water carries away the soil and rock particles, while drought can cause erosion when the ground becomes hard and dry instead of moist and soft; this causes cracks on the surface. Also, winds can cause major erosion and carry soil and rock particles away when there is insufficient moisture in the soil, which causes major damage to the earth.


Josh Mitchell Fulton is an 8th grader at Glasco who constructed “Under the Sea” 

with wire, nylon, and acrylic paint. It is a 6” wide, 4” long, and 5” tall ocean wave.


My name is Kaitlyn and I am 14. I am 5’5”. I enjoy sports and school because I get to see my friends, and I also like hanging out with friends outside of school.

My scratch art project is titled “Fall” and is 8” wide and 10” tall. Here are a few reasons why we need leaves on this Earth; without leaves, we wouldn’t have oxygen, and without oxygen, we wouldn’t be able to survive. Trees and plants are our source for 

oxygen, and without any of them, our Earth wouldn’t be in very good shape. Climate change, which has caused unstable weather patterns, impacts trees and affects our leaves.


My name is Logan Cool, and I am 14 years old. I am from Glasco. This is my freshmen year at Glasco High School and my 3rd year in art. I do basketball, volleyball, 

and softball in my free time.


My project is a fluffy chipmunk whose name is Chip. It is a 10” x 8” inch scratch art picture. The unseasonably warm weather has caused the chipmunks and squirrels to become plump because the weather has stayed warm like fall, so they are still getting 

ready for winter. The altered weather pattern due to climate change has damaged the environment and has made it difficult for native animals to survive.


My name is Ozzy Selph, and I live on a feedlot near Beloit, Kansas. Before Kansas, I lived in Lincoln, Illinois. I’m 13 years old, and I’m in the seventh grade. My dad inspired me to draw when he showed me what he drew for his mom before she had passed. So, it made me feel like drawing things. I have learned two things about art that my teacher taught me; always try new things and don’t be afraid. I like to draw colorful.


The title of my project is “The Water Lily”. It is made of colored pencil and black construction paper. My project is 14 x 13 inches long. Due to climate change, the lack of rain will cause dust to build up and erosion to occur. With a huge amount of dust, a 

storm could occur, such as the well-known “Dust Bowl,” which lead to many deaths. Ponds will dry up, and the water lilies, among other aquatic life, will have no source of food or homes.


My name is Piper Mason, and I live in the country by Glasco, Kansas. I used to live in Nebraska, and then I moved to Kansas when I was in Kindergarten. For fun, I like to draw and write fictional stories. Animals and anime influence my work.


The title of my piece is “Red Cheese.” It is 3 ½” x 3” x 8” and made of foam and acrylic paint. Climate change has affected rain patterns around the world. The lack of rain will cause erosion and dust to build up. The drought will make the ground unstable for farming and plants to grow. Events like “The Dust Bowl” could happen again from the rain not occurring in spots that deserve it.


The ground needs the rain, but not too much rain. Different areas that don’t need that much moisture will flood or erode from the excess rain flow. The overabundance of rain will erode the ground, while no rain will dry the ground out. There has been a lot of 

rain and water loss in the Kansas rivers and lakes that have left large holes in the ground where there used to be a river or a small stream.


The way water pools and is moving under the ground has an effect on the surface as well. For example, ground water that is used for drinking, bathing, and other 

household needs is being used, but not replaced quickly enough due to the lack of rain. Additionally, when the water that is underground is gone, it leaves holes and caverns that can cause land to collapse.


My name is Rayna Schmidt, and I’m a Junior at Glasco High School, located in Glasco, Kansas. Here, I participate in an art class, which I wholeheartedly enjoy and appreciate having, along with being granted the privilege of having a close-knit class 

and experience. I also compete in basketball, volleyball, and track at my school. I find 

each practice rewarding and am happy to have the opportunity to take part in it all; both 

the art and sports programs.


The project I designed for ISCAP is “The Hand of Time.” I made this piece out of all wire, and it is modeled to be a replica in size of the human hand. It is to represent the wreckage being done to the animal habitats by the droughts we are experiencing during 

this time. My project ties into this issue by the idiom, “If we could turn back the hands of 

time.” I realize the drought is getting more attention now than before, but not much for other life forms than us. Nature will be affected by the loss of any link, and a drought threatens many. It is in our hands to make sure we will not be looking back on time 

wishing we would've done more today.


My name is Sarah Stein. I am a junior at Glasco High school, and I am 16 years 

old. I live out in the country outside of Miltonvale, KS. I enjoy helping my dad out on the 

farm during the summer, and during the school year, I am a waitress at a restaurant 

called the Kountry Kafe. I also enjoy hanging out at the lake and spending time with 

friends and family.


My project is made out of acrylic paint and foam. It is 4 ½’’ x 2 ½’’ x 3 ½’’. I 

painted the outside of it silver and the inside gold.  I named it “Golden Valley” because I 

think that it looks like an old valley that has been through a lot of erosion and 

environmental damage throughout the years. The golden part of my sculpture 

represents the drought that we seem to always be going through in Kansas and all of 

the dried out land. The steep slopes and deep holes represent all of the erosion and 

damage that has been done to our land.


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