Calvary Day School

Fine Arts High School Fernando Fader

Ivana Zarate, art teacher, wrote:


We have finished our ISCAP project here at the Cabildantes

School in La Carlota, Cordoba Province, Argentina. It is a public primary school, with studentswho live in humble conditions. But all have the will to call out to the world about the things that concern them—and after having discussed the theme of the ISCAP Project, they want to tell other young people about what is happening in our country concerning the climate.


Here we suffer from deforestation and destruction of the land, and adding the occurrence of

El Nino, our land is suffering great floods and landslides. These students have come to the

conclusion that roots are the skeleton of the Earth, and without them our Earth will fall apart.


Thus they have built a paper globe that is crying and little by little coming apart.

These photographs cannot do justice to the feelings that arose during the completion of this

project. The camera could not capture the sadness of these young people on seeing our planet

crying. In one of the last photos, we can see a child sadly observing his future home.

Nor could it capture the relief and smiles when our human hands joined with our Earth and the

natural world. Finally with this alliance of Man, Earth and Nature, the light of happiness shines forth.


The entire group burst out in spontaneous applause. They recognized the bed of roots

necessary to hold the planet together.


I am delighted to say that this project has filled my soul; through this project I have come to better know these Little Giants who enlighten me with their smiles.


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