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Colham Ferry 2018 ISCAP Penguins

Artist Statement:

Colham Ferry Elementary School

Watkinsville, GA

2018 ISCAP Penguins


Artist Statement: How can we help protect penguins?


In 3rd grade at Colham Ferry Elementary in Watkinsville, GA we used an interdisciplinary and global approach to develop the “Penguin Patrol”. Our goal was to learn how we can help protect penguins and discuss the effects of pollution and humans on the Antarctic penguin habitat.  We got to Skype with Antarctic penguin researchers, engage in research, take a Google Expedition, and build life size 3D penguins.

We focused on three different penguins - the Gentoo, Adelie, and Chinstrap. They all measure about 21-28 in. Each of us picked one of these penguins and studied its characteristics, colors and markings. Then in art class we measured out our penguins, painted them to match our illustrations, and stuffed them with the scraps that came from cutting out the penguins.  These penguins are surrounding the 3rd grade hall to inspire people to save them.

We discovered that in general the Gentoo populations have increased and the Chinstrap and Adelie have decreased. Our research found that many human factors are affecting the penguins including:  pollution, illegal egg harvesting, and loss of the penguins main food supply from over fishing. Other factors affecting the penguin population are warming trends that are melting the glaciers. The melting causes a rise in the sea level and their nesting grounds are in mud now.  The Penguins that are able to adapt the quickest to these changes are increasing. The Gentoo are climbing up higher on the cliffs to lay their eggs so their eggs are not in the mud. Also, they are able to dive deeper to reach more food.

In the end the Penguin Patrol found that humans are causing the most change to the penguins habitat through climate changes, pollution, and irresponsible fishing. That mean that humans will have to be part of the solution by decreasing our carbon footprint and encouraging our leaders to pass laws to decrease pollution and protect the oceans surrounding Antarctica.

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