Calvary Day School

Richmond Hill 2017 -18

Adeeba Hasib

8th Grade Student

Richmond Hill Middle School

My Concerns for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country with a lot of problems, but there are good things too. The problems are water pollution and air pollution. These two concerns are caused by of a lot of other issues in Afghanistan. Air and water pollution cause people to get sick, and it also affects the economy. This destructive cycle has been going on for quite some time and people have been complaining. Afghanistan is a country that has gone through rough things like war, poverty, poor education, etc. This affects the current population and people of the future in Afghanistan. People have tried to come up with solutions, but this can’t really be solved because other issues start. After all of this, of course, someone needs to solve the

horrible problems in the country.

The factories, bathhouses, and brick kilns use coal for heating water and air, and this must be standardized and moved outside of the city. Tens of thousands of vehicles choke the cities’ air, and cars run using leaded gasoline and have dodgy exhaust systems. Many vehicles are driven over long unpaved roads, kicking up the clouds of dust. All of these polluting cars are cramming into the city that is badly overcrowded.

All these issues and many others show that a lot of things can affect or increase air pollution. Air pollution can also cause many other things like diseases, illnesses, and increased deaths. I think we can solve this by decreasing pollution output of factories, vehicles, and the use of cleaner gasoline, and being careful of how we use it and the rate at which we use it.

Very little of Afghanistan’s water is clean. It is worse in the rural areas. Rural Afghanistan has water pollution that is the worst in the world. In Kabul, with a population of six million, a majority of the people lack access to safe drinking water and improved water sanitation facilities. We can solve this by cleaning up trash that’s in the water and creating a better filter for removal of the trash from the water.People need clean water for survival.

In my picture, I showed thick, dark clouds of air pollution. There are a lot of mountains in

Afghan landscapes and the land and water in the valleys are heavily polluted with debris.

People are forced to build their homes small mountains just to avoid the trash on the lower

grounds. In the picture, the water has a dark color because of the water pollution. The

mountains represent the dark sadness, such as war and natural disasters, that have been going

on in Afghanistan for decades since the war started.

Aubrey Rouse and Mallory Stallings

Richmond Hill Middle School

6th Grade

In the Garden

Our artwork is focused on endangered bees. We chose to use fake flowers to represent their habitat. We also used clay to make the bees and the other insects around them.  


We have seen and heard about the situation with bees in school and on the news. The situation is critical. We need to avoid pollution and the use of pesticides in areas that are habitats of bees. We also need to be careful to repopulate the earth with bees by the use of bee farms and caring for hives in their natural settings.


One side of our project shows a healthy green habitat with bees and the other shows a deadly and brown habitat without the bees. Pollination is very important to our survival. Famine will be the result of a world without bees.

Matthew Reeves

6th Grade Student

Richmond Hill Middle School

The Ghost of the Turtle


I made a sculpture that depicts a white clay turtle to resemble how clean the ocean should be, but there is dirt and brown paint on the turtle to resemble the pollution and dirtiness of our ocean. My inspiration was from the activists that are trying to save the turtles from pollution, boat oil, and boat propellers. It is displayed on black because the color black represents the afterlife. I chose this color because the pollution kills the turtles.

I also made another project using seashells, paper, paint, crayons, and sand. I did my project on saving the sea turtles because I was inspired by the turtles and the people that help them. In the design, I have an injured turtle and a boat with a line of blood trailing from its propellers. The turtle is swimming in a dirty sea at night, and it’s surrounded with sand to represent the murky water. I used seashells because they represent the beach. I designed it this way because this turtle was seriously injured due to the boat’s propellers. This turtle, along with others, feels the same pain of pollution. I tried to set a mood of fear and sadness. I feel that boaters should be more aware of their surroundings and the damage their equipment does. I think boats should have a protective cage around the propellers. Humans should be more careful about the things that they cause. Oil spills can be prevented by frequent boat maintenance and making sure that oil rigs do not spill. Captains of large tankers should be aware of the ocean floor.

Emily Dobson, Kennedy Pemberton, and Maya Giorgianni

8th Grade Students

Richmond Hill Middle School

Climate Change


Climate change has caused increases in temperature on Earth, especially in the Arctic. TheArctic is warming almost twice as much as the global average. When the snow, glaciers, tundra,and ice melt, ocean levels will rise, and animals living in the Arctic will lose a portion of their habitat.


Some of the animals that lose their arctic habitats due to climate change are seals,

caribous, walruses, and polar bears. The decrease in sea ice and arctic tundra reduces thepopulation for these animals. These animals were once threatened by commercial hunting, butnow their biggest threat is climate change. Our model represents the extreme dangers ofclimate change and the effect it can have on the arctic animal population. We hope that ourmodel will encourage people to prevent climate change and its dangerous effects.

Audrey Taylor

8th Grade Student

Richmond Hill Middle School

The Effects of Oil Spills


There has been a problem with oil spills in the ocean that has been harming plants and animals. The severity of this issue has caused wildlife to suffer when the oil spills do occur. Not only does this problem affect wildlife in the ocean, but it can also affect people as well. The spills can have a lot of stress caused to people because taxpayers have to pay for these clean ups. As you can image, the economy would also be also affected because of the amount of money they would have to pay. Oil spills are mainly due to tankers leaking, pipelines breaking, and/or there could be a problem transferring oil to another place from ships. One of the many solutions to how we can fix oil spills are dispersants.

Dispersants are chemical agents which are very similar to detergents that can break down an oil slick into very small droplets so we can clean it up faster. I chose to bring awareness to this problem because it is important to fix this problem because it is killing the ecosystem. The first thing you notice about my climate art is the seahorse as the main centerpiece. This shows exactly what kind of sea life can be killed because of this issue. On the left side, it shows dead plants and how it is affecting the oceans. On the right side, it shows the before image of the ocean before the oil spills can get to it. For my materials, I used pastels as a base and the background. Then I used colored pencils to do the details and the plant life. For the seahorse, I used markers. As for the paper, I used

Bristol paper.

Amanda Wilson

8th Grade Student

Richmond Hill Middle School

The Polar Predicament


I did my project on the environmental crisis in the arctic. There are many problems. The ice is melting and leaving the bears homeless. The bears can swim up to 30 miles with their webbed paws that have evolved to help them swim more effectively like a diver with flippers. The temperature is rising in the arctic because of the pollution. The warming of the ice caps is causing more severe weather situations and droughts in the mid-latitude regions.

I chose to show the bear in a sunset because it’s the end of the day for the polar bears. Their time is running out. I depicted a younger bear because I tend to believe that they are less likely to survive due to being without guidance. The bear is much like a human child without a parent. His paw is cut and bleeding all over the ice. He is separated from his family, injured, and crying.

I added a raven because it will naturally travel outside of it’s normal zone if the warmer weather would indicate that it should move further north. A raven can be viewed in two different ways. In legends, they are seen as messengers of omens and bad news, but they generally symbolize the heavens and quite possibly positive things.

There is an oil spill in the bottom left corner, and oil spills tend to have a brown to red appearance. I added extra red to make it look like the sea is bleeding. If you spin the painting 180°, you will see that the painting becomes a face.  I made it look like the earth is about to eat the bear. When it is flipped, the bird also still looks like he is in flight. The oil spill also is in the shape of a coke bottle to represent the trash that is overwhelming big parts of the ocean. If we act now to stop what is happening, we can prevent further damage.

Hannah Johns

7th Grade Student

Richmond Hill Middle School

Polar Earth


I made this picture because it represents global warming and it shows how the warming affects the animals and the earth itself.  The polar bear in the earth represents how its habitat is diminishing and therefore its species is becoming endangered, as a result of global warming. They are starving and, as a result, they’re cannibalizing off of each other. Steps need to be taken to help save them.

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