Calvary Day School

River Ridge Elementary 2017 - 18

Third Grade -

Artists at River Ridge Elementary created relief prints of native Georgia animals using cardboard that was rescued from packaging at a local pharmacy. These artists want to share their work in hopes of encouraging others to preserve the natural habitats of these animals and to show that art production can be earth-friendly too.

Meryem Nur Caliskan -

The Fabulous Lookin Chipmunk

Salma Panuelo - My Bird

Henry Hall - The Happy Frog

Owen Tolley -

The Morning Dove

Roxy Miller -

The Swimming Ocean

Emmet Parker - The Squirrel

Ben Bowden - Georgia Frog

Carleigh Sabo -

The Black Deer

Benny Stewart -

The Three Dolphins of Georgia

Kristen Hayenga -

The Bottle Nose Dolphin

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