Calvary Day School

St. Vincent's 2017 - 2018

By: Lizzie Ryan
Snow In Savannah

Ms. Aliffi

Seeing this kind of snow in Coastal Georgia is unusual to say the least. Climate change has
shown me my first snow after 17 fairly warm winters in Savannah. The green still vivid in the
leaves shows that the cold weather was abrupt and the inches of snow were a huge surprise to our
coastal city.


By: Phelan McDevitt

Climate Art

Ms. Aliffi

Climate Change causes drastic weather conditions and other changes in the atmosphere. In the past two years Savannah has seen two hurricanes, a tornado, and snowfall. Snow is something we have not seen for over twenty years. In my two pictures I try to show the sequence of time and how fast weather can change. One picture shows the snow on my dock  while the other shows the dock on a normal sunny day around the same time. Through these pictures I hope to convey that Climate Change is very real and something should be done about it immediately.

By: Sarah Metz

The Calm after the Storm

Ms. Aliffi

This shows a tree post hurricane Irma on Tybee Island, Georgia. Hurricanes have been more frequent and disastrous over the past several years in our area. I feel these hurricanes were due to climate change.

By: Rebecca Steinfeldt

Ms. Aliffi

The weather in Savannah Georgia over the past two years has been a perfect example of climate
change. For my image submitted, I observed the rough and brutal weather throughout Hurricane Irma.
After evacuating and being given the opportunity to evaluate the weather as I drove to safety, it was
clear to me this was an example of climate change


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