Calvary Day School

Southwest Elementary 2018 - 19

Southwest Elementary

Teacher: Mary Beth Whitecotton

What we learned:

One of the projects was completed in December of 2018. 3rd graders created Recycled Landscape Collages. We learned about the importance of recycling and taking care of our environment. I selected a portion of the 3rd graders art projects to be on display at the ISCAP Art Exhibition and Art Sale that took place on February 9, 2019 at Asbury Memorial UMC. I also submitted a large portion of the student's work to be displayed on the ISCAP website. I have attached photos of the display at the ISCAP Art Exhibition.

I also completed projects with my 5th Grade Art Club students as well as with all grades (K-5th) for the ISCAP project. Art Club made "Recycled Robots." They used recyclable materials (cereal boxes, plastic bottles, cardboard, etc.) to build robots.


Kindergarten-2nd Grade learned about sea turtles and how they are specifically being affected by global warming and climate change. We discussed ways that we could help the sea turtles and then the student's got to create sea turtle drawings and paintings.

3rd-5th Graders created "Iceberg Collages." We learned about the Arctic and the animals that live in the Arctic such as polar bears, seals, killer whales, and penguins. We learned how the icebergs are melting at a faster pace than normal and how the animals that live in the arctic are feeling the "heat" from global warming. We also learned that in 50 years from now, if we do not change our bad habits, 2/3 of the polar population will be depleted due to global warming. The students found this to be very sad and they really want to help.

Ideas that we came up with to help protect our environment from global warming were by not littering, picking up trash, recycling, buying reusable water bottles and food containers to use on a daily basis, reducing the amount of trash we use, walking or riding our bikes more so that we do not use our cars as much, turning off electronics and lights to reduce the amount of energy we use each day, and planting more plants and trees. We also discussed how we can share what we learned so other people can know the importance of doing little things to save our planet.



Art club recycled robots


fifth grade


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