Calvary Day School

Technical High School CED 01

Brasilia, Brazil


The “Electronic Waste” project is about all material residue that comes from electronic
equipment waste. With the high usage of electronic equipment in the modern world, this type
of trash has become a big environmental problem when it is not disposed in the right place.
Some examples of electronic waste:

-Computer monitors

-TV sets

-Cellphones and batteries

The waste disposal might damage the environment because chemical substances can provoke
serious illness in the people that collect trash in landfills, wastelands or from the streets.


To avoid both contaminating and polluting the environment, the correct thing to do is to disposal the waste in appropriated places such as cooperative groups and industries that are able to recycle it. Another option is donating working electronics to social organizations that work in digital inclusion areas, an act that does not lead to environment damage and at the same time will help those who need it.

A curiosity about this theme is that Brazil throws out about 97 thousand metric tons of
computers – 2.2 thousand metric tons of cellphones and 17 thousand metric tons of printers.

The project “Electronic Waste” was created by students at CED 01 Cruzeiro – Brasília DF/Brazil with the objective to recycle electronic parts such as computer keys and electronic boards to show that we can re-use them as a way to help the environment and people’s health.
The “Electronic Jacket” project will be sent to The United States to show what the students are able to achieve.

The team (teachers)

Marco Antonio (Chemistry) Antonio (Robotics) Fábio Rafael (English) Ana Tereza (Biology)

Participant students:

Yasmim 3A – translation of the text
Guilherme, Maria Helelna, Ely Junio, João Pedro, Victor Hugo

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