Calvary Day School

St. Vincent's 2016 - 2017

By: Megan Veirheilig

Have you ever looked closely at a plant before? It is typical for people to notice flowers because of their vibrant colors and distinct scents, but plants are usually overlooked which is why I chose to paint in the style of Georgia O’Keefe. This natural beauty, however, is affected by climate change. Climate change affects average temperature and rainfall, which are major factors that directly affect plant diversity. Next time you are walking, don’t only notice the flowers, but think about the plants too. /// Acrylic on Canvas


By: Mary Duberly

Our Future and Nature
The white represents nature which is surrounded by red which represents the blood that we have spilt by not caring for our environment. 
The white can also represent our future and the red, the hand of man that is suffocating it. /// Oil pastel on black paper

By: Lizzie Foran

The sunflower always faces the sun. The sun is what gives all things on this earth life. I chose to paint a sunflower because of the sun's great importance to this earth. /// Acrylic on canvas

Helpless Little Flowers
By: Lainey Cook

Look at the helpless flowers blowing in the wind during our rain showers.
What if they were no longer there?
Oh, how it would be a despair.
“Save the earth,” the children cry!
Do not let the flowers die.
///Acrylic on canvas


By: Mary Jane Chappell

The contrast between lightness of a flower against the dark background illustrates the dwindling beauty of nature's flowers in the contaminated environment of the world today. /// Acrylic on canvas


By: Georgia Griffin

These delicately floating jellyfish repesent the delicate balance that all life in the ocean is in. Through rising temperatures and polution, humans may upset this balance. /// Digital photography

By: Julia Tyson

This photograph reveals the destruction Hurricane Matthew has caused. The tree represents life and how life is so precious. /// Digital Photography


By: Josie King

My drawing is inspired by my father. In the photo a Hawksbill Sea turtle is being rescued from a construction pit. Devolpment sites affect the eco systems around them. /// Oil Pastel on Canvas


By: Candice Hill

This is a drawing of a elephant. The elephant is sitting on the ground looking at all of its brother's and sister's graves. /// Colored Pencil


Save the Flowers
By: Avery Heiges

Flowers are withering away, just like the day.
Climate control is real and true, if only you knew.
It kills the flowers, the earth may run out of power.
Daisies, dandies, and roses too, are as important as me and you.
Save the earth before it is too late, this will determine our fate.
///Acrylic on canvas


By: Emily Lacombe

Water is the glue that ties this world together. By overusing and polluting the water of this world, the environment and humans may never feel the calming effects of clean water ever again. This photo's elements of texture and contrast represent the state of turmoil and uncleanliness the water of the Earth may be in if we do not think of ways to consume it more responsibly. /// Digital photography


By: Elizabeth Winders

Nature loves us. We need to love the earth back. /// Digital photography


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