Calvary Day School

Savannah Arts Academy

Zoe Elwood 11 Grade -


As we burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, carbon accumulates and overloads 

our atmosphere. These gases act like a blanket and trap heat in our atmosphere. If our beaches get too hot, it can negatively affect our beloved sea turtles­ and their eggs! If we do not take action on this issue soon, then before we know it all of our seagulls will be eating fried turtle eggs for breakfast!


Soniya Bhagat 11th grade - 


The world needs to clean the air one car at a time. If people learn to carpool and utilize public transportation, we can reduce air pollution for the future generations to come.


Remy Cunningham 12th Grade -


Sea levels are rising and that is an issue. Beloved beach vacation spots, such as our local Tybee Island, will eventually flood due to rising tides. We will lose much more than a beach, we will lose tradition and memories if waters continue.


Annelise Kim 12 Grade -


Because of rising sea levels and strong winds, there has been an erosion of beaches and sand dunes. As time goes by, Tybee Island is slowly falling into the sea, even my home is getting closer to the water. Islands experiencing erosion have taken steps to create man­made barriers to prevent soil loss and fix the damage that has already been done.


Amelia Reynolds 10th grade -


With all the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers (due to global warming and greenhousegases), the sea is rising. And Savannah, Georgia, is very close to the sea level. 

Many of its most popular attractions are right by the water. If another three feets is added onto the waters, Savannah could go underwater.


Alden Murphy 12th Grade -


People are using more and more aerosol cans and it’s depleting the Ozone Layer resulting in Global Warming and by extension, raising the water levels. We need to cut back on the use of aerosol cans or else the beaches will continue decreasing in size and we will lose many animals who are affected by the higher temperatures.


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