Students in Eva Chovancová’s Art Group 

Eva Chovancová:


The Business Academy and Language School is located in Písek, South Bohemia, the Czech Republic. It has a business based curriculum and students participate in classes such as

economics,touch­ typing, accountancy, mathematics, business correspondence and law.


The language focused classes are centered around two important languages, English and

German.Students are regularly able to participate in a number of competitions to give the chance

to demonstrate their acquired business skills.They create and run their own fictional businesses

amongst the schools.


The school also allows for improvement in languages.Students are able to take certified language

tests and participate in week long exchanges to England and Germany to practice with native



Within the town of Písek, the school is located a short walk from the town centre. Písek is a town that can be found in Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It is situated between two major cities­ Prague and Budweis. Living there are approximately 30000 citizens.

Písek is an old and historic town that contains many historical monuments. The most well known monument is the Písek stone bridge. It is the oldest stone bridge in Central Europe. Písek was once a King's city but is regarded as a studets ́city due to the number of schools namely high schools.Some of these schools include an economics school, medical school,agriculture school, forestry school, vocational school and so on. Písek is also home to some beautiful natural scenery. The Otava river flows right through the town and on the outskirts of town the Písek mountains stand tall covered by a vast forest.

Global Warming is a Question of Time


Chemical smokes from factories and cars cause global warming which then causes melting of icebergs in Antarctica where polar bears live.They need icebergs for their lives and if they don´t exist any more it can cause bears´extinction. Also melting water from icebergs can lift the oceans and make floods in cities.


Eliska H. & Eliska P:
Global Warming


Our picture depicts an effect of constantly rising temperatures on our planet. Due to global warming there are uncontrolled disasters, such as fires, melting glaciers, floods.


Painting - tempera - Size 120 x 90

Pavel Tůma:
Waste in the World


In our high developed era we try to facilitate everyday ś activities. But on the other hand we forget things which are very important for our live. We cut excessive amount of forests, trees and worsen the environment. Why do people do it? Why do we annihilate what nature has created? Man has to stop annihilating nature and I believe that they will!

Zlata Stuchlíková -
Kamila Němečková:
Melting Earth


There are two things that destroy our planet. The first ones are the natural elements like hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. The second ones are people who live on our planet. They are those who destroy our nature and don´t care about the aftereffects. The people throw trash on places where it shouldn´t be and don´t care about our planet at all.

We should care about the situation here and keep our homes clean. Because if we don´t do it our planet will be damaged and we won´t be able to live here. And in the end we have decided to put a quote by Dalai Lama: “Our planet need more successful people. It desperately needs those who make peace, who heal, restore, tell stories and love all living things. “ And this is what we tried to say it by means of our project.

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