Calvary Day School

Glasco - Southern Cloud

Greetings from Glasco, Kansas!


My name is Heather Smith, and I have the

unique honor and opportunity to teach all of the Glasco Southern Cloud Kindergarten 

through 12th grade art students.


We are a small, rural community of about 450 people in the middle of the United 

States of America. Our schools here in Glasco are part of a combined school district 

with another town of similar size called Miltonvale, which is located about 20 minutes 

east of us. For many, hearing of a community this size is a huge shock, but it is certainly 

not usual for our state. Kansas is sprinkled with many tiny towns and countless miles of 

farmland; in fact, many of the students who attend here come from other nearby towns 

that are even smaller than ours! Our district’s small class sizes foster a very tight-knit 

bond among our community members and students, and it has been wonderful getting 

to work with these kids the past three years that I have taught here. We are excited to 

have been asked to present our work, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the display!


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