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I have done a collage with pictures that symbolizes that we affect the climate. I affect the climate when I are buying more clothes when I wear and use. I give it the name: The embarrassing truth of unnecessary throwing.  


If you need some new clothes only buy what you need, do not buy things you do not need. Don´t get fooled by the "Take 3, pay for 2" signs.

Isak Ebbelind

When I made my picture I was thinking that I could do something with overconsumption. In the picture, me and my friend are dressed with lots of clothes like jackets, cover pants and clothes like that. I named my picture shoe-wars because we are flying in shoes and I also named it shoe-wars because I think that it can be a war soon because people in the western world are overconsumeing, while people in Africa are starving and people dies every day. I think that the starving people will be mad at the western world people.


Nature Prison

We put some nature inside chicken wire. To symbolize that the humans are capturing and destroying nature.


The warm and the cold (nature prison)

I have edited two of the same pictures in different colors. The first picture is cold and it’s like a prison. The second picture is warm because I wanted to show that the leafs still are brown and yellow. And I also wanted to show that the nature is separated from all the other things and I’m shutting it out from the outside world.


In our work we are working with clothes, because we think that here in the world that people buy much clothes and they keep on buying more and more and it never ends because they think that they more clothes. That can affect the climate because when they transport clothes the exhaust release into the air.


When I did my picture I was thinking that a lot of clothes are bad for the climate because you have to transport the clothes from other countries and that is bad. In the picture you can see "Two survivors" in the clothe "apocalypse".


Photos tell that you should not buy too many clothes that you do not need.

And you should not have more than you need because it is not  good for the environment.

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