Calvary Day School

Savannah Art Association 2018 - 19

savannah art association ART REACH

The Savannah Art Association is championing its new educational endeavor called

SAA Art Reach.

This unique program encompasses art-making activities with children and adults
throughout the greater Savannah area. The goal of Art Reach is to provide authentic art experiences for participants of all ages and levels at little or no cost to the participant. This relatively new art program, launched just one year before Savannah Art Association turns 100, seeks to ensure that anyone with the desire to participate in artistic experiences has the opportunity.

Art Reach is pleased to be able to coordinate with other SAA and community
programs such as ISCAP and the newly developed Anthropocene. Both of these
programs focus on creating artworks that demonstrate and support sustainability
and planet-care. Art Reach is pleased to be able to provide both instructors and
supplies that support further development of these worthwhile programs.
As part of ISCAP, Art Reach participants and community stakeholders (children and adults) are engaged in conversations about endangered habitats and creatures, and on concerns related to our local and global environment. Recycled, up-cycled, and re purposed materials may also be used in conjunction with professional grade art supplies to create artwork that conveys a message relating to ecology, our Mother Earth, or planet preservation.


In these photos, we see tissue paper collages of animals and their habitats created by children from age 7-11.

We see trash found at our local beach being turned into art displays created by SAA and community members.

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