Calvary Day School

Calvary Day School

Calvary Day School Climate Art Project

The students were given a brief introduction about the Climate Art Project and then an introduction of how to build an armature using wire, cardboard, newspaper, etc., and then how to use the wet plaster fabric to cover their armature. Then the students were allowed to search the web for animals that were endangered due to climate changes.  The students picked one of the animals, sketched out their animal, created the form, and then plastered the form to finalize their animal. Once they had the form of the animal the way they wanted it, they let it dry and then painted their animal to look realistic.

Susan Barfield
Art Teacher, 6th - 12th grade
Calvary Day School



Micheal Bland:
Chris Bashlor:
Car Pollution
Kira Porter:
Dawona Magwood:
Whale Shark
Chas Smith:
Mallory Stubbs:
Earth Melting
Joy Bright:
Dylan Albrecht:
North Pole
Sharon Lu:
Ashlea Shoop:
Polar Bear
Maddie Thomas:
World Climate
Marissa Tabakian:

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